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About us

About Us

WORLD OPPORTUNITIES TRADING LTD.  Kurucumuz Ilhami Bilgen KKTC ordusunun çeşitli yönetim kadrolarında 20 yıl  görev yaptı ve  emekli olduktan sonra 2016 yılında şirketi kurdu.

1) The real estate division is registered under the name of “Wotmax Estate” and has an office in Famagusta. The agency cooperates with the main construction companies of Northern Cyprus and represents all local projects. Wotmax Estate is exported to Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, etc. There are business partners. Our office provides services in 5 languages: Russian, Persian, Arabic, English and Turkish. Wotmax Estate’s sales department consists of a professional international real estate team that can consult clients from around the world. Wotmax Estate, a member of the Cyprus Turkish Realtors Association, has professional liability insurance up to 200,000 Euros and has a corporate structure. Our agency recognizes the importance of our customers’ interests, trust and safety. In the last few years, foreign guests have been increasingly interested in investment opportunities in North Cyprus because:

  • Fast return on investment (8-12% profit per year) in 10-12 years. Wotmax Estate focuses on long-term cooperation with customers. We have one of the largest real estate database to offer our clients more property options. Therefore, our leasing department is able to let clients rent their properties and manage day-to-day business with tenants if the client is not in North Cyprus.
  • Residence permit / Citizenship. All foreign investors purchasing property in Northern Cyprus have the right to obtain a residence permit. Our agency will consult on the procedure for obtaining a Residence Permit and/or other documents for issuing title deeds in Northern Cyprus.
  • Northern Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates among European countries. Investing in a foreign country can seem complicated. However, it will be much easier to invest and live in Northern Cyprus. First, because of the low crime and friendly international community on the island. Secondly, thanks to our professional real estate agents who will assist and assist our clients every step of the way. Our agency performs its administrative functions in terms of institutional investments for the construction of a particular project. In the interests of investors, our team will provide clients with all the property and land options for the construction of projects. In addition, if foreign investors do not have representatives on the island, Wotmax Estate will organize, monitor, control and take responsibility for the construction process and on behalf of the investors.

2) Investment Consulting; It has all the necessary data for all kinds of investments that can be made in Northern Cyprus and provides consultancy with the right information by providing all kinds of communication with government offices.

Consultancy issues (Tourism, Investing in Student, Construction, Project, Purchase-Sale, Import-Export etc.)


3) WORLD OPPORTUNITIES TRADING LTD. The insurance department provides property insurance, different types of vehicles, health insurance for both domestic and foreign customers, tourism and medical tourism insurance.


4) WORLD OPPORTUNITIES TRADING LTD. Our company is working with the leading names of the sector in Northern Cyprus, especially with contractor software programs and IK Yazilim distributorship. Our company works with a number of software companies and uses many programs to make our services better and more accessible to our customers. Also, WORLD OPPORTUNITIES TRADING LTD. It is the official representative and distributor of the Turkish company “YSM Software and Information Technologies and PIR Software AS”. Together with our Turkish partners, we provide business software programs to the largest construction companies in Northern Cyprus and help organize a single platform for all companies in the real estate field.

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